Nobody wants to feel like a burden. Admitting, or realising, that you need help and care to continue to get on in life is a huge, and ultimately life changing, decision. We are experts in this field and we can help. Precious Care Services specialises in providing home care and support for adults with learning disabilities, adults considered vulnerable, adults with physical disabilities, and for those requiring short or long term care and support.

Precious Care Services offers tailored individualised packages of care, support and assistance. Where possible, service users will be encouraged to undertake task with the care worker.

We recognise the role of care workers varies, incorporating roles such as preparing meals, assistance whilst shopping or perhaps a more hands on position like a personal assistance for example. Where appropriate we will consider the views of the care worker when reflecting on issues that may affect them. Precious Care Services will raise awareness and provide specialised training programmes to ensure all employees are working in accordance with regulations and Company Policy.

Other areas of care in which we specialise in:

•Frail & Elderly
•Brain Injury
•Spinal Injury
•End of Life
•Dementia & Alzheimer’s

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you or your loved one, contact us on:

Precious Care Services Ltd

Daytime: 01628 669648
Out of Hours: 01753 424473