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About Us

Care work in the 2000 was booming. It was perfect. It fitted right in with university, social life and the rates of pay were good, allowing me to have a flexible lifestyle. Working in a number of Residential Care Homes alongside elderly, mentally challenged and vulnerable teenage girls although challenging and diverse, became an enlightening experience. Although the role was demanding I had the time to talk to the Service Users and listen to reminiscences from World War II whilst providing assistance and care. I learnt tips and skills and good practices during the course of time. I would take the time to comb and plait a Service Users hair after bathing and wishing them goodnight.

Before being able to register as a care company, Precious Care Services continued offering cleaning service to service users. During that time many clients have registered for the services we had to offer.  In November 2011, Precious Care Services Ltd was registered. Since then we have been redefining the meaning of Home Care Services. Our aim is to be sensitive, treat everyone as an individual and remember the person inside. We are continually learning new ways to raise awareness for both our employees and Service Users as well as contributing to the industry in a positive light. In October 2012 Precious Care Services obtained their CQC registration Certificates enabling us to operate as a Care Service Provider. Through recommendations, referrals and only minimal advertising more families and services are using Precious Care Services as their first point of contact.

Our Philosophy

At Precious Care Services, we pride ourselves on the delivery of a quality home care service, tailored to meet both individual and diverse needs.

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