Precious Care Services

JOB TITLE: In-House Trainer


Purpose of the position

  • To assist in the management of services
  • To maintain continuity of standard of services
  • To maintain training for employee’s
  • To ensure filing is maintained and kept up to date

Scope of position

The In-House Trainer will be responsible for raising awareness for all employees and Service Users in First Aid and Manual Handling.

The In-House Trainer is also responsible for managing the administration of the training services to which Precious Care Services Ltd provides. The In-House Trainer will maintain confidential Service User files and information at all times, in accordance to Policy. The In-House Trainer will prepare and present reports and information as required. The In-House Trainer will manage resources effectively, and will ensure that all services provided are done so in a caring and respectful way, relevant to Precious Care Services Policies and procedures.

The In-House Trainer will liaison with other community services and resources to ensure the Service User receives appropriate care. The In-House Trainer will also provide information on training applicable to the individual employee, as required and/ or requested.


1. Coordinate with Service Users and other Employee members.

Main Activities;

  • Become familiar with individual Assessment of Needs
  • Complete Manual Handling Assessment for new, referred and/ or reviewed Service Users
  • Identify Employee training needs
  • Conduct employee training in Manual Handling and First Aid
  • Make sure all training requirements are valid and consistent with changes in the Law and relevant requirements.
  • Establish and maintain an accurate and confidential service
  • Assist in the completion of Care Plans, upon requests
  • Educate potential interests’ on the services available within Precious Care Services.
  • Remain professional at all times in accordance to Precious Care Services Code of Conduct Policy
  • Ensure all records are factual, and recorded accurately

2. Coordinate with Management

Main Activities;

  • To coordinate with Management to ensure standards are sustained
  • Ensure all work completed is done so in accordance to Precious Care Services relevant Policies, Procedures
  • and regulations
  • Make recommendations for changes and improvements to the program, in relation to training strategies
  • Discuss any concerns with mana
  • gement
  • Office base: Will be main point of contact

3. Coordinate community resources and supports

Main Activities;

  • Responsible for recording invoices from suppliers and resources accordingly
  • Submit supplies and resources needed as per requests
  • Make enquiries regarding self-training, availability and cost
  • Provide information to other health care services in accordance to Policy and the acknowledgement of Management
  • Liaison and advocacy with family members and other services regarding benefits, award, equipment and supplies entitlement
  • To attend all mandatory training

Knowledge, skills and abilities


The In-House Trainer requires knowledge of;

  • Service User Manual Handling Risk Assessments
  • First Aid and/or CPR
  • Manual Handling techniques
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Services, resources and funding available within the community
  • Applicable training for Employee members
  • The culture of the community
  • Understanding of Precious Care Services Ltd relevant Legislation, Policies and practices


The In-House Trainer must demonstrate the following skills;

  • Ability to prioritize
  • Ability to record information accurately based on facts only
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Ability to work self- initiated
  • Effective verbal, and listening skills
  • Stress management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Personal Attributes

The In-House Trainer must maintain strict confidentiality in performing duties. The In-House Trainer must demonstrate the following personal attributes;

  • Possess cultural and awareness sensitivity
  • Demonstrate work ethics
  • Be consistent and fair
  • Be compassionate and understanding
  • Be flexible, adaptable and able to work effectively in a variety of setting
  • Respect cultural differences
  • Work independently with super vision and re-assurance when needed
  • Work effectively as a member of a team
  • Ability to be trusted
  • Loyal
  • Openess with Management
  • Realistic expectations with self and Management


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