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At Precious Care Services we aim to encourage independence by maximising inclusion, where possible. We understand mobility and disability factors are vital to your day to day routine. We want to lay our focus on what you can do and support you with the things you find difficult. By providing customised care packages we are able to incorporate personal beliefs and preferences to suit the individual service user.

Personal Care
Medication assistance

Domestic AssistanceCleaning
Ornament Cleaning
Specified Vacuuming

Support with social interactions
Help with attending groups, meetings and events
Sitting-in service

Administrative Support
Assistance with Benefits.
Assistance with writing official letters to  Supporting Agencies
Assistance with paying bills

Precious Care Services specialises in providing home care and support for adults with learning disabilities, adults considered vulnerable, adults with physical disabilities, and for those requiring short or long term care and support.
Precious Care Services offers a tailored individualised package of assistance. We want to encourage independence by actively involving the Service User in the development of the Care Plan and by encouraging one to participate with daily task. Service Users are encouraged to undertake task with the Care Worker where possible. We recognise the role of care workers may incorporate several roles such as advocacy, shop assistance and as a personal representative. Where appropriate we shall consider the views of the Care Worker when reflecting on issues that may affect them.

The Organisation aims to encourage independence, wherever possible by providing a customise package of assistance and support; By understanding that the Service User is an individual and the Care Service will be tailored to support his or her independence; By maximising dignity and encouraging the Service User’s to be actively involved in the Care Service they receive, within limits of mobility, disability and or other factors. Service Users are encouraged to undertake task with the Care Worker where possible. Effective support can be achieved by providing caring and considerate assistance. Effective support can be achieved equally through the completion of a range of Assessment of Needs aimed to consider any risk factors which may affect both the Service User and the Care Worker.

The Assessments of Needs will consider;
• Tasks which the Service User is able to undertake unaided;
• Tasks which may require a degree of assistance from the Care Worker
• Tasks which the Service User is unable to undertake and which form the basis of the Care Worker’s duties.

All strands of diversity are represented within our work force; disability, race, culture, language spoken, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief. We remain a Company which treats individuals fairly, with respect and dignity. Our focus is to support individuals, enabling independence, choice and control in the care and support required.

Where disability or vulnerability are identified as part of the support planning process we will keep a record of relevant details subject to the Service Users consent by for example, keeping receipts or keeping a record of appointment dates. Access to recorded information and its security will confirm to the standards set out in our Data Protection Policy.

We will, if required or upon request; provide appropriate communication formats to meet identified needs. For example; translators, interpreters, signers, audio tapes, Braille, large printed documents.

Service Users will be encouraged to make decisions about their lifestyle in general, where necessary liaising with the Service User’s advocate and or family members. Care Workers are expected to promote a physical environment within the Service User’s domestic scene which enables and supports the Service User to be as independent as possible

Precious Care Services will raise awareness and provide specialised training programmes to ensure all employees are working in accordance with the Company and expectations. Under law, all health care representatives of health and social care must meet standards laid down by the government.

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